the process


Step 1

let’s talk

I’m gonna want to get to know you and what you like so there’s a bit of information for me to gather. I know you’ll have some images to share with me because who can resist browsing Pinterest. And, I’m not knocking Pinterest, but I’m going to be your new Pinterest for this season.

Step 2


Once I have a great understanding of what you like and what your dream wedding day really looks like, I’ll create a design board that outlines the color palette, floral style, and all the finishes that make the event yours. From fonts to fabrics, every design detail will have your personality shining through.

Step 3


I’ll be there throughout the engagement season to shower you with designs and details, and there on your wedding day to bring the flowers and the sunshine (well, that part I can’t promise, but I’ll put in a good word for you!) I’ll also be your event stylist for the day, ensuring that every bow is tied and every fork is straight. I know your wedding photography isn’t inexpensive, so I do my best work to make those lasting photos the best they can be.